FUNraising with the Texas Marshals

Are you a not-for-profit organization in need of funds? Do you have a venue in which to raise money? Do you want to raise money without putting any money upfront?

Well, if you answered yes to any one of those questions, you need to become a partner of the Texas Marshals FUNraising Initiative.

Here are the various ways to make money with the Marshals:


  • Or season tickets range from $150 for Adults and $120 for Seniors and $60 Youth for our 30 game season
  • Your group will make $20 for each Adult season ticket sold and and $10 for every senior or youth ticket sold.


  • Adult prices are $6 each
        - Your group will keep $1 for every ticket ticket sold
  • Seniors (60+) are $5 each and Youth (6-12) are $4 each
        - Your group will keep $1 for every ticket sold


  • If someone in your group refers a company to us and we end up signing them up to be a partner of the Marshals, we will give your group 10% of the cash value.
  • Just let the prospect know we’ll be calling them to set up a time to meet and that part of their monetary sponsorship will go to your group.


  • Every Friday is FUNraising Friday. Your group will have the opportunity to set up a booth and promote your organization in hopes to raise funds and awareness.

ARE YOU READY TO HELP YOUR ORGANIZATION RAISE MONEY? If so, then call the Texas Marshals today at 214-206-9266  ext. 205 !